As you can see this is not a regular blog. Or rather, it's not a blog that I use regularly. But today's 3rd anniversary of one of the greatest victories of on-line activism in this century made me feel I should get myself a glass of champagne and enjoy this beautiful summer day in company with some retrospect nostalgica.

Speaking of champagne, and nostalgica, I met with Simon Gentry on a conference in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. I said - Simon, you are shorter than I remember! - and we both laughed, not only because the champagne actually was free. Three years ago neither was shorter than the other; both of us claimed victory. The directive was rejected and the law remained unchanged. Today, philosophers all over the world are still asking themselves what "as such" means, trying to help judges to figure out the meaning when it's related to software.

I'd paraphrase patent lawyers who say they know when a patent is technical when they see one: a programmer know it's software when they see a software patent. But that kind of explains a lot. It's a matter of taste and culture. Patent attorneys are actually a bit like artists. They are sensitive guys since they are creative people. And some of their masterpieces are worth millions of euros. Others are worth nothing.

As Dr. Stephen Potter said at the conference, the value of a patent is context sensitive.

I'd say that even a meeting with Simon Gentry is context sensitive!

Happy anniversary Simon!